Woodworking machinery

ماشین آلات صنایع چوب


Wood and the products with which it is made are among the main materials that have been used by humanity since the past, and there are many uses for this raw material for making wooden tools.

No one is covered. In the past, wood was used only to build houses in simple forms, but with the advancement of technology, devices were invented that cut and make products.

It has made wood comfortable. Devices such as chainsaws, CNC machines, adhesive edges, etc.

And with the invention of this machine, carpenters can more easily create beautiful wooden works and send them to the market.

Woodworking machines


Machines used in the wood industry can be divided into three types: industrial, workshop and home. Each of them has its own applications and features. And each for

They are produced for a specific purpose and you can not use industrial machines in workshops or use workshop machines at home.

These machines have a very long life and high durability, and if they are used properly and maintained well for a long time without any damage can be

Will be used. If you want your carpentry tools to work well and quality on the first day, they should always be taken care of and you should consider a period of time to repair them.

Inspect and repair your devices on time to prevent them from breaking down.

All kinds of wood industry machines

The machines that are used in the wood industry and in the carpentry profession are very diverse, and each of them has its own application, which we have in this article to make you more familiar.

Dear ones, with such machines, we will briefly explain its types:


Saw blade


The chainsaw machine, also known as the band saw, is composed of two rollers and a strip blade, which is cut by the saw with the simultaneous rotation of the pulley and the wood blades. They are named and are divided into two types: CNC and slicer. The CNC type is used for cutting wood in a curved manner and the slicer is used to create the thinnest type of cuts. It is the main machinery of wood industry that is used in this profession.

A stump

Other wood industry machines that have many applications can be mentioned dirt, which is one of the most important devices in this profession and which is used to grate wood with high accuracy and speed of operation. There are three types of dirt: table dirt, semi-industrial wheat and industrial dirt. And you can choose one of the 3 models of this device, considering the scope of your work and the efficiency you need.

Reduce carpentry

Woodworking cutting machine is one of the most important machines in the woodworking industry, which is used to prepare wood for joining. The way it works is that by creating grooves in the direction of connecting the male to the desired piece, it causes the pieces to be connected to each other. There are three types of carpentry cutters. Simple reducers are industrial reducers and CNC reducers, each of which is designed for a specific function and purpose, and you should think about what you want to do with it when choosing and then take action. Shop to get the most out of it for you.

Female hole machine

Other types of woodworking machines include a female drilling machine, the efficiency of which is to create holes in different sizes in different types of wood. This machine even has the ability to make holes for dual host connections. The perforating machine is mostly used in the construction of cabinets and sleeping services. And by installing different drills on it, you can create different holes such as Elite, Gazor and floor thorn holes, or with the help of this device, you can create the best holes in wood in a short time.

Get the car away


Removing machine is another type of wood industry machine that is used to cut sheets, wooden boards and MDF. Removing machine is a type of saw that can make transverse and longitudinal cuts and also It can make cuts directly or angularly. This machine performs the operation of cutting and cutting wood with high accuracy and without any errors.

CNC machine

One of the most important machines in the wood industry is the CNC machine, which has a relatively high price compared to other machines. This device has a mechanism for execution and command as well as arms for

It also executes orders and cuts wood. This machine has the ability to make cuts in three directions. And with this feature, it can create three-dimensional cuts on the wood surface.

Adhesive edge machine


Adhesive edge machine is a type of wood industry machine that uses gluing strips and veneers, which attaches the strips and veneers to them by creating the action of gluing and heating along the sides of wooden beams. And with this action, it creates a beautiful and clean appearance in the wood, and in addition, it increases its resistance to moisture. This machine can also be used for gluing chipboard and plywood.

Prices of wood industry machines

The price of carpentry machines has been different and they are priced according to the brand and which country they are made of. Another factor that affects the price of these machines is the strength of the blades and their warranty, which determines their final price.