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Lifting device lift model ps3800

Lifting device lift model ps3800

You have a separate goniometer for angular cuts with the ability to easily change the position at desired angles.

Equipped with a saw collector hood at the top of the saw.

Ability to install a telescopic socket with the ability to be angled.

:General specifications of the device

Ability to adjust the height and angle of the saw blade and the female line manually.

Equipped with an auxiliary bag to help the main rail to cut long and narrow pieces.

It has an auxiliary reader size and a digital meter and an auxiliary meter for the goniometer behind the saw.

:High strength

ROBLAND is one of the largest manufacturers of mass machines in the world. All kinds of products of this company, especially female line cutters, have been playing a significant role in our country’s wood industry for many years. The company’s remote devices have a double V rail system that allows precise smooth movement without slack. In the Z3800 model, the one-piece chassis of the device is designed in such a way that it has the maximum level of support for the rail and does not need to be installed. Auxiliary bases are not for restraining the weight of the rail.

:Technical specifications of the device

Sliding rail length (mm)3800
The diameter of the main saw blade400
Female line saw diameter (mm)120
Maximum saw blade height 90 ° (mm)125
Maximum saw blade height at 45 ° (mm)100
Telescopic goniometer size (mm)3200
Gunia size behind the saw (millimeter)1300
Engine power behind the main saw (horsepower)7.5
Main saw with 3 variable revolutions (revolutions per minute)3000/4000/5000
Approximate weight of the device (kg)1200
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